ZeroB’s non electric water purifier helps to remove harmful impurities

What type of purifier should I buy? This is a common question that everyone faced when going to buy a purifier. In fact, some might be facing problem that water they drink is not fit despite having purifier. This is time when you should upgrade to a best purifier.

Purifiers are categorized in non-electric and electric type. Out of this, non-electric is available at low cost but doesn’t have UV technique. ZeroB’s non electric water purifier helps to remove harmful impurities like pesticides. The performance of purifier depends on the source of water and its quality. If you live in the area where water is much polluted, then select purifier accordingly. Since total dissolved solids determine the performance of purifier, it is suggested to test water for the same. It should be done before buying purifier as it will help in selecting it.

ZeroB online offers a wide array of smooth, small non-electric water purifier with advanced features that has a perfect distillation practice by the range of non-electric water purifiers in India. The customer can buy non-electric water purifier online anywhere in India.


ZeroB encourages the safe drinking of UV-free water. The products are designed in such a way that it can be used conveniently. The water purifier cleans the water by four steps that eliminate dirt, harmful pesticides, bacteria and viruses to release clear, odorless and natural tasting water.


  • Requires no electricity
  • Low cost among other purifiers


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