Having a commercial purifier at your workplace makes your habit of drinking healthy and enjoyable

Day by day our daily water supply is getting contaminated with various harmful substances. It is filled with dangerous metals is making people more worried and insecure about their health. That is why the importance of commercial water purifier is increasing. It is natural, if they drink it daily, will suffer from serious health hazards. That is why throughout the world, businesses are shifting their choices to purified water and the most affordable way of doing it is to install a commercial water saving RO purifier.

Can you deny that pure and fresh drinking water is essential to have good health and perfect well-being? In assistance with advanced technologies, commercial water saving RO purifier removes dangerous chemicals and other harmful substances and thereby helps in improving the drinking water’s quality. The water that passes through the purifier is pure and free from all the impurities.

The tap water is filled with heavy metals and other impurities, and because of this it tastes become a bit bitter. Purifier enhances its taste and makes it pure and fresh. If you use this purified water in cooking, the taste of the food will also be improved. Another advantage is that such purifier can be fitted easily to your tap and there is no complicated procedure involved with it. Ion exchange manufactures and supplies Water Saving RO in India.

The time has gone when people used to take their drinking water for granted. Now people are being more conscious about their health and well-being. Thus, the demand of purifier is increasing. Having a commercial purifier at your workplace makes your habit of drinking healthy and enjoyable. ZeroB offers Water Saving RO Online.

Before buying a purifier for home, you must estimate your requirements first. The water available in your area should be checked and what is their quality and which type of impurities are present and this will let you know what type of purification you need. You can take expert help and choose the right type of purifier for your family or home.

There are various water purifiers that perfectly suit individual’s need the budget. It is not necessary that only the expensive ones are best in quality. Keep this in mind and find the one that is apt for you and values your investment.

ZeroB is the leading water vending machine supplier in India

The extensive range of water vending machine, hot water vending machine and water softener plant are manufactured by Ion Exchange. These products are made as per the client’s need. The machines are made up of high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and protects from dust, weather, and bacteria. The machines come at an affordable price and can be installed at any place like railway station, bus station, school, hospital etc. Nowadays, you can find a coin-operated vending machine at railway stations that give 24 hours a day access to fresh drinking water.

Water Vending Machine comprises four processes namely pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and disinfection and a hybrid dispensation system that enable manual and coin-operated dispensing. It is an automated water purification system that provides 24X7 safe water access to the people at a walkable distance to fetch safe and pollutant-free water. ZeroB is the leading water vending machine supplier in India.

Hot water vending machines operates as a conventional bank ATM that provides pure drinking water instead of money can be installed in urban and rural localities where there is no facility for drinking clean and contaminant-free water.


  • It dispenses safe and unadulterated water 24/7 round the year. Individuals can buy water on the ‘pay per use’ premise as and when they need. Water is circulated at a nominal rate, and people have begun using water wisely as they are paying for it.
  • It can be hosted in – schools, hospitals, bus/railway stations or network meeting places.
  • It diminishes the time and endeavors that people spend on voyaging or remaining in lines to get safe and pure drinking water.

Ion Exchange manufactures a high-quality range of water vending machine and hot water vending machine. These machines are made with the industry standards using high-quality raw material and advanced technology. These machines are available in different specifications as per their commercial and domestic applications.



ZeroB’s backwash filter includes water treatment that comprises water purification and sewage treatment

The backwash filter system by ZeroB is effective in treating specific water problems like iron, chlorine, or other chemical contaminants. ZeroB’s backwash filter systems treat effectively the water that directly comes to your home. It is the best option to have a backwash filter at home.  The water filters include a tank of filtering media through which water flows. As every home needs a clean water, backwash filters trap all the contaminants flowing in the pipes and allows clean and healthy water to flow.

The filters are large tank-style filters, they got their name from the filters which are clean and renew themselves by backwashing. The backwashing is done in reverse pattern like the water flows in backward positions so that it enters from the bottom of the filter bed, lifts and rinse the bed, and comes out through the top of the tank.

The filter bed is a rough constitution and called as the filter medium. Medium for filtration is abundant and diverse. The common media are granular carbon, sand, garnet, anthracite, zeolite, granular manganese dioxide, and greensand etc.

ZeroB’s backwash filter in India includes water treatment that comprises water purification and sewage treatment. It also includes the alternating use of compressed air during the process. The filters are operated by local programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in water treatment plants.  The system also comprises rapid sand water filters, pressure filters, and granular activated carbon (GAC) filters.  The filters have arrangements of pumps, valves, and filters connected with the filtration system.

Slow sand filters and self-cleaning screen filters engage mechanisms other than backwashing to remove stuck elements. To keep the water treatment filters working, they must be cleaned on regular basis to remove particles. Unproductive backwashing is the main reasons that water treatment filters fail.


  • The filter is taken-down and the water is depleted to a level that is over the surface of the filter bed.
  • Compressed air is pushed-up through the filter material causing the filter bed to enlarge breaking up the compacted filter and forcing the gathered elements into an interruption.
  • After the air scrubs cycle, clean backwash water is enforced-up through the filter bed continuing the filter bed enlargement and carrying the particles in suspension into backwash channels excluded above the filter surface.
  • Air and water streams are pushed-upwards through the rough way followed by a rinse water wash.
  • At the conclusion of-the backwash cycle, the upward flow of water is concluded, and the filter bed relaxes by gravity into its first configuration.
  • Water to be-filtered is then used to the filter surface until the filter blocks and the backwash cycle desires to be repeated.

Certain water treatment filters use surface wash systems that break up the heavily blocked, rough methods surface layer. Surface wash systems are suppressed in the top of the filter media or are suspended above the filter media surface. A permanent grid system of backwash filters has pipes with nozzles that inserts jets of water into the filter material during extension. Revolving arms use water jets to break up the congested filter surface and to rotate a movable arm through the filter material. A surface wash step in a backwash cycle takes place at the start of the filter bed cleaning process.


Backwash water is cleared without treatment to a clean sewer system or is treated and reprocessed within the plant. Recycled backwash water has high concentrations of particulate material. Normal treatment processes include coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation. Backwash filters advance the backwash treatment process and cleanse the deprived water to make it for drinking.

Active carbon filters have abilities to remove toxins, odor and bad taste from water

Water filters are used to purify the water that cannot be consumed directly. Nowadays, there is a high need for water filters as the water has elements like iron and magnesium. Too much consumption of these elements would lead to health problems. Hence ZeroB offers activated carbon water filters for safe consumption.

The main purpose of the water filter is safety and cleanliness. Due to industrialization, all the river, lakes etc. had been contaminated badly. Today, the environmental condition requirements for water filters to be effective, reliable and environmentally friendly. The customer expects a water filter to remove everything from the chemicals to the bacteria from the water. ZeroB offers variety of filters but the most effective ones are the activated carbon water filters. The customers can buy carbon water filter online.

The company offers a range of carbon water filters and iron removal filters in small and bulk quantity depending on the needs of the customer. The filters have a long functional life with less noise. Ion Exchange is one of the leading manufacturers in the water filtering industry. It has an exclusive range of iron removal filters and activated carbon water filters, widely used in industrial water treatment, sanitation and other cleaning purposes.

Activated Carbon Water Filter

Active carbon filters have abilities to remove toxins, odor and bad taste from direct tap water. They come in small pieces of carbon, in granular or block form, that have been treated to be extremely porous. The filters are very useful in removing contaminants and other substances. The size ranges from around 50 microns to 0.5 microns.

Work of Carbon Water Filters

At the point when the water courses through carbon water channels, the synthetic substances adhere to the carbon bringing about cleaner water yield. The adequacy relies upon the stream and temperature of the water. Hence, little dynamic carbon channels ought to be used with low weight and cool water.

Enacted carbon water channels are normally made of coconut shells, wood or coal and sold as granular initiated carbon or carbon squares.

Carbon water channels are extremely powerful in evacuating an extensive variety of synthetic concoctions.

Actuated carbon is the main channel prescribed to evacuate all unsafe natural contaminants.

Consumable (endorsed for drinking) tap water.

Chlorine is utilized in sterilizing water from pathogens. Tragically, Chlorine may make water delicious yet debases its smell. Carbon water channels are phenomenal at expelling chlorine and its side-effects and evacuating the taste and smell related to it.

Actuated carbon water channels must next to no upkeep, yet we have to change channels all the time to guarantee filtration consistently. A few channels neglect to evacuate contaminants as they wind up exhausted at the appropriate time of time and it turns into an unmistakable sign for the clients that the item has depleted its administration life.

Carbon water channels evacuate countless natural synthetic compounds (VOC), pesticides and herbicides, and also chlorine, benzene, trihalomethane (THM) mixes, radon, solvents, and several other human-made synthetics present in faucet water.

Some actuated carbon water channels are respectably compelling at expelling a few, yet not every single, substantial metal. Carbon water channels are useful in expelling chloramine and hydrogen sulfide. The thickly focused carbon dilute channels mechanically evacuate particles to 0.5 microns, including giardia and cryptosporidium, turbidity, and particulates.

Non electric water purifiers work efficiently to remove dissolved pollutants

To lead a healthy life, safe, clean and pure drinking water is essential. Water being a good cleaner has the capability to melt elements that comes into contact with it. As a result, harmful chemicals and impurities get dissolved in water, which could lead to some dangerous diseases. With water borne diseases such as worm infections and diarrhea being the major health issues, boiling water will not be enough to remove the impurities from water. Water purifiers have become a requirement to eliminate the harmful chemicals and make water safe for drinking. When looking for a water purifier, you may come across non electric water purifier. Ion Exchange offers non electric water purifiers for safe drinking.

Non electric purifiers for homes are used at remote places where there is an issue with the electricity. It gives clean and purified water. Non-electric water purifiers in India are mostly used when there is a change in climate or eating food in unhygienic locations. Water can also cause harmful diseases and hence to drink safe water non-electric purifiers are very necessary.

Non Electric Water Purifier

  • Sediment Filter
  • Activated Carbon Water Purifier
  • UF water Purifier

Non Electric Water Purifiers

Non-electric water purifiers work without electricity. These purifiers use gravity or water pressure instead of electricity to purify water. The deposit filter present in non-electric water cleanses by removing pollutants that stay at the bottom of the water purifier. The activated carbon filter available in the water purifier removes impurities, organic compounds, pesticide, and chlorine. The filter improves the taste of the water. The only con of the non-electric water purifiers is that it doesn’t convert hard water into soft.

Why opt for Non Electric Water Purifiers?

Non-electric water purifiers work efficiently to remove dissolved pollutants. Non-electric water purifiers do not need a continuous water supply to work efficiently. Non-electric water purifiers use a very simple system to cleanse the water. It blocks all the impurities from the water and makes it suitable for drinking. The water purifiers are best for areas that have low TDS level in the water.

Working of Non-electric Water Purifiers

The gravity-based water purifiers have 2 compartments. One of the compartments stores crude water while alternate stores refined water. The channels use the common power of gravity to allow the water to stream to the channels. The water purifiers utilize initiated carbon channels, a few polishers and small-scale fiber work to evacuate the contaminants present in water. The non-electric water purifiers have an actuated carbon filter that is made of little carbon granule, which retains the contaminants present in water. A large number of these water purifiers additionally utilize Ultrafiltration methods to filter the water and expel the contaminants. UF is viewed as one most developed filtration strategies that help in expelling bacteria, blisters and different sorts of contaminants present in water.


The kind of water purifier you intend to buy overwhelmingly relies upon the nature of water. You have to decide on a water purifier that expels germs and polluting influences, as well as channels synthetic compounds and different debasement. Gravity-based water purifiers are perfect for regions that face a much measure of power cuts and where there is a low TDS level. These water purifiers are preferable alternatives over drinking bubbled or synthetically sanitized water. Despite that gravity-based water purifiers have a few favorable circumstances; non-electric water purifiers can’t be as powerful as UV purifiers.

Ion Exchange offers iron removal filters in India

Water is the medicine of life. It is as essential as air. But today we are suffering because of the huge presence of iron in the water. Water is usually tasteless, but the taste comes from different minerals and this mineral which dissolves easily in water. Excess of anything can spoil the quality. Same happens with water. The presence of various minerals in water is due to the leaching of the element through the earth.

Water quality near industrial belt is unfit for human consumption. This has to be treated scientifically before any use. If more amount of iron gets dissolved, you end up getting a metallic taste from your drinking water. It is needed for the body, but if the consumption goes beyond the bar, it becomes dangerous. Hence, Ion Exchange offers iron removal filters. If the presence of mineral is left untreated, it can lead to hemochromatosis. This affects the organs severely. This disease can also make you weak in the first stage and make your weight less than before, and you can suffer from joint pain.

Ion Exchange provides iron removal filters. The purpose of this filter is to remove hardness and arsenic content from water. This helps the water to be pure and of reliable quality. Ion Exchange is the leading iron removal filters manufacturer and the filters are of low maintenance. The company designs and supply the filters by their delivery team. Activated carbons are used and iron removal filter price in India.

These iron removal filters are available at best rates in the market and under several categories. Among the categories are rural domestic, urban domestic, industrial, municipal and all sectors. The technologies used vary according to the situation and they can include FRP iron removal, MS iron removal, multi grade filter, sand filter, carbon filter and pressure filter.

ZeroB’s water softener is strong and will last many years

Water is the necessity of everybody’s life and if that water is not pure or contaminated then it would harm the health badly. Most of the people face problems because of the hardness in water. This problem is majorly faced in rural areas as they get hard water for domestic use. Hence, there is a need for domestic water softeners.

The water softener India, ZeroB manufactures, distributes and exports the range of the best water softener. A large number of components like minerals gets accumulated in the natural water and hence increases the hardness of the water. The water softener is the best thing that converts the hard water into soft water by removing the polluted salts like mineral, calcium, and magnesium that increase the hardness of water by the application of ion exchange resin system.

The water softener India is also used for cleaning purposes like washing utensils, heaters, and other household appliances. There are other water purifiers available in the market, but ZeroB’s water softeners are reasonable in price and used by large section in India.

The water softeners are particular ion exchangers that are intended to evacuate particles, which are charged. Softeners eject calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) particles as they are hard minerals. A quality water softener is strong and will last many years. Servicing all the time can add to the lifespan of a household water conditioner.

The usage of water softener at home is more as it helps to reduce the usage of soaps and detergent in the least quantity and keeps your skin soft. Water softeners are maintained easily than the purifiers and are priced less. With soft water, the fabric of the clothes and the utensils stay safe, unlike hard water that damages the quality of each product. It increases the life of the product.



ZeroB’s non electric water purifier helps to remove harmful impurities

What type of purifier should I buy? This is a common question that everyone faced when going to buy a purifier. In fact, some might be facing problem that water they drink is not fit despite having purifier. This is time when you should upgrade to a best purifier.

Purifiers are categorized in non-electric and electric type. Out of this, non-electric is available at low cost but doesn’t have UV technique. ZeroB’s non electric water purifier helps to remove harmful impurities like pesticides. The performance of purifier depends on the source of water and its quality. If you live in the area where water is much polluted, then select purifier accordingly. Since total dissolved solids determine the performance of purifier, it is suggested to test water for the same. It should be done before buying purifier as it will help in selecting it.

ZeroB online offers a wide array of smooth, small non-electric water purifier with advanced features that has a perfect distillation practice by the range of non-electric water purifiers in India. The customer can buy non-electric water purifier online anywhere in India.


ZeroB encourages the safe drinking of UV-free water. The products are designed in such a way that it can be used conveniently. The water purifier cleans the water by four steps that eliminate dirt, harmful pesticides, bacteria and viruses to release clear, odorless and natural tasting water.


  • Requires no electricity
  • Low cost among other purifiers


ZeroB encourages the safe drinking of UV-free water

We live on the planet where contamination is available all over the place. Particularly our general water supply is ending up too much polluted. Regardless of whether it is well, waterway or stores or faucet water, you have to refine it before using. Else, you may experience the ill effects of many sicknesses. A RO water purifier makes water without contaminant and along these lines unadulterated and safe.

ZeroB offers wide range of RO water purifier with exceptional features that remove the harmful elements effortlessly. With this best RO water purifier, the company encourages the safe drinking of UV-free water. The purifiers are made strong and easy to use.

ZeroB’s range of water purifier online purifies water through removal of dirt, dangerous pesticides, bacteria, and viruses to distribute clear, neutral and natural tasting water.

Leading a healthy life starts with drinking purified water. Hence, investing in an advanced water purifier proves to be a prudent choice on your behalf. Both electric and non electric water purifiers are used in every Indian household to facilitate refreshing showers even in cold weather. ZeroB RO water purifiers will cater to your daily needs, and we have a vast range of products to shop from.

RO water purifiers ensure efficient water purifying benefits. They operate through reverse osmosis or RO filtration that play a strategic role in the elimination of water contaminants. Our water purifiers online have robust designs and a swanky finish. They will certainly add a unique edge to your kitchen or dining area. ZeroB has a vast range of RO water purifiers that are manufactured the finest materials that help them in lasting for a lifetime. These products have attractive layouts and they occupy less space in your kitchen.

Having a sound existence begins with drinking cleaned water. Thus, putting resources into a propelled water purifier ends up being a cautious decision for your sake. Both electric and non electric water purifiers are used in each Indian family to encourage reviving showers even in chilly climate. ZeroB RO water purifiers will consider your day by day needs, and we have a huge scope of items to shop from.

RO water purifiers guarantee productive water cleaning benefits. They work through invert assimilation or RO filtration that assume a vital job at the end of water contaminants. The water purifiers online have hearty plans and a classy packaging. They will unquestionably add a novel edge to your kitchen or eating region. ZeroB has a huge scope of RO water purifiers that are made the best materials that assistance them in going on for a lifetime. These items have alluring designs and they have less space in your kitchen.