ZeroB is the leading water vending machine supplier in India

The extensive range of water vending machine, hot water vending machine and water softener plant are manufactured by Ion Exchange. These products are made as per the client’s need. The machines are made up of high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and protects from dust, weather, and bacteria. The machines come at an affordable price and can be installed at any place like railway station, bus station, school, hospital etc. Nowadays, you can find a coin-operated vending machine at railway stations that give 24 hours a day access to fresh drinking water.

Water Vending Machine comprises four processes namely pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and disinfection and a hybrid dispensation system that enable manual and coin-operated dispensing. It is an automated water purification system that provides 24X7 safe water access to the people at a walkable distance to fetch safe and pollutant-free water. ZeroB is the leading water vending machine supplier in India.

Hot water vending machines operates as a conventional bank ATM that provides pure drinking water instead of money can be installed in urban and rural localities where there is no facility for drinking clean and contaminant-free water.


  • It dispenses safe and unadulterated water 24/7 round the year. Individuals can buy water on the ‘pay per use’ premise as and when they need. Water is circulated at a nominal rate, and people have begun using water wisely as they are paying for it.
  • It can be hosted in – schools, hospitals, bus/railway stations or network meeting places.
  • It diminishes the time and endeavors that people spend on voyaging or remaining in lines to get safe and pure drinking water.

Ion Exchange manufactures a high-quality range of water vending machine and hot water vending machine. These machines are made with the industry standards using high-quality raw material and advanced technology. These machines are available in different specifications as per their commercial and domestic applications.



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